Kosta Koçi - The player

Kosta presents colorful paintings and sculptures which quite spontaneously embody the melancholy of the common man, powerless at times to change his own condition. He focuses on common people, living in the peripheries of the city, who from the very first glance reflect their disquiet, a disquiet that even the vibrant colors of the painter cannot succeed in removing from their faces.

The sculptures are composed of recyclable materials - cardboard boxes used to wrap industrial products - which, as the primary material of the sculptures, become an element that defines the content of the work of art where in the product ‘s wrapping indicates its contents and sells it, exhibiting the irony of the commercialism displayed in the man of today - with clothing, appearance, the spectacle of the surface, filled with brands (logo details of food products and clothing, yogurt, diapers, etc.).