Alket Frashëri- Sentimentality of… …small anecdotes

Sentimentality of...

... Small Anecdotes 

The fog and uncertainty, the weaknesses and identity backlashes that pierce also the everyday life,seem to be able to paralyze all conscience, all energy, and all human rebounds, giving the impression that perhaps the overwhelming dilemmas and questions of these two decades, answers will never have… 

No answers. Nothing else but, just some sparks of truth, of those who put in motion the artistic micro climate,giving the signals of deaf beginnings of the end of cycles, of epochs, of living experiences, worlds. Of those that generate this dynamic of freedom in all romantic oeuvre in History –deciphering beyond gregarious sequences of nature and society phenomenon’s – and giving it always a new dimension that exceeds the sensitive, the palpable and the ideal. 

The paradox of the bi front and ambiguous, biased and the chiaroscuro, then becomes a consoler comfort,which thickens the paint and the plastic research, delivering it from the same stroke of ideological banality and that of the only entertainment of the senses. 

In a world that doubts too much, and maybe without knowing why,what leads with an irresistible dash, toward the course of this plastic and ethical push, rather than "the postmodern condition", is the irresistible human necessity – that human indigent that tends to be nourished by the artistic intuition and which does not avoid the traces of History. 

Of a similar echo is also the approach of this exhibition, which strives to speak, to tell about a kind of strange Sentimentality of Small Anecdotes.